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The Minister

H.E Ahmed Abdirisak Mohamed (Handal)
Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Jubaland State of Somalia

Experience: 15+ years


Minister Ahmed Abdirisak Mohamed (Handal) is a Somali public servant and the current Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Jubaland State. He has served in various roles in the government of Jubaland State of Somalia and has played a vital role in implementing policies that boosted the region's economy and development.

About the Minister

Minister Handal started his career in the government as the Director General of the Ministry of Interior, Federalism, Reconciliation and Security of Jubbaland State of Somalia from November 2013 to May 2016. During his tenure, He worked tirelessly to promote the principles of federalism and foster reconciliation among the diverse communities in the state.


In June 2016, Minister Handal was appointed Deputy Minister of Education and Higher Learning of Jubaland State. He was responsible for developing and implementing policies that improved the state’s education quality. Minister Handal put a lot of effort into improving the state’s education quality throughout his time in office.


In May 2021, Minister Handal was appointed Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of Jubaland State. While serving in his position, he worked tirelessly to attract foreign investment in the sector and develop policies to ensure that the sector benefits the people of Jubaland State.

In March 2023, Minister Handal was appointed by the President of Jubaland State, H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Islam, as the current Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Jubaland State.


Minister Handal is a highly respected public servant who has dedicated his career to serving the people of Jubaland State. He is committed to improving people’s lives and promoting economic development in the state. His leadership and dedication have been instrumental in improving the state’s economic growth and development.


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