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Macro-Fiscal Department – Ministry of Finance

Macro Fiscal Department

The Macro-Fiscal Unit is responsible for developing the Jubbaland state macroeconomic and medium-term expenditure frameworks for the budget, producing analytical reports of fiscal outcomes, as well as analyzing and forecasting macroeconomic and fiscal performance.

The Unit will review the JSS economic performance, providing the macroeconomic assumptions for the budget, analyzing the fiscal effects of changes in the macroeconomic environment and the effects of fiscal policy changes – including development assistance – on the macroeconomy and long-term growth. The Unit will also provide regular timely tables and analysis of historical fiscal performance and generate fiscal forecasts, participate in cash management meetings and engage in sustainability analysis.

As well as working closely with the MoF Treasury, Revenue and Budget Departments, the Unit will also coordinate with planning units in other Ministries and development/donor partners where relevant to advise on macro-fiscal issues and to inform the development of the medium-term expenditure framework. Finally, in accordance with Section 13 of the PFM Act, the Unit will analyze the fiscal impact of all proposed policy changes in the FMS and advise the Minister and Permanent Secretary on the implications of such policy changes on the fiscal outlook.